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Long story short

I am a pretty rad single mother killing it in all ways that I possibly can. I spend my time in the garden, cooking, hiking, surfing, free diving and constantly seeking out new information. I am currently studying business and Psychology and am constantly putting new knowledge to the test. Despite my rough background I am thriving here in Hawaii making and maintaining a better life for my son and I! I created this blog/zine/whatever to share useful life tips from how to get rid of slugs to how to wax yourself at home. Buying things on Amazon through the links on my page helps me maintain this humble life I have created for my son and we greatly appreciate your patronage!

Why trust a single mother you ask?

Single mothers are people that when they accomplish something great, or even mediocre, you think to yourself “how the …. did she accomplish that?” That’s what I’m doing here with this blog. I’m telling you how I did, or how I am doing it rather. Achievement isn’t something that ends or is finished when you accomplish your goals and objectives. True achievement is the ability to keep learning and keep improving whatever that means for each individual person. At least that’s how I see it.

Longer Story

Because of my rough, abusive childhood, a huge portion of my adult life was dedicated to persistent avoidance of responsibility.  I didn’t trust the conventional way that people did things and I foolishly decided that I would do everything in my power to do the opposite, rebel in all things whether or not wise.  I would abandon my future, live for the moment, hitchhike across the United states and Mexico and peddle my wares along beach restaurants, boardwalks and markets.  I made a conscious decision thinking I was doing the right thing, living a better life.  As the years passed however I had a feeling that something was missing and it didn’t go away. 

I came to Hawaii thinking it was from here that I would embark on my greatest adventure yet, to sail the Polynesian triangle.  When it didn’t work out however something kept me here.  I had recently discovered how good surfing was for the soul and thought maybe I would stay for surf the rest of my life away.  I worked in various restaurants in Waikiki, where I was not valued as an employee or even as a person.  My superiors were not interested in my well being or the well being of my son.  They did not mind if I was tired, overworked and miserable just so long as I made their corporate offices money.  I kept plugging along like this at different restaurants until one day someone told me something along the lines of “greatness starts with making your bed every morning”, so I started making my bed.  That was it!  I found discipline and a bit of that pit stomach “something is missing” feeling started to go away.  Making my bed every morning bled into the rest of my life and soon I was thinking where I could put my energy to better use. 

After work one day it dawned on me that I had to live up to my potential.  I realized that is what had been missing in the pit of my stomach. A career in something I was passionate about, and academics would get me there.  The thing I had given up on when I was 17.  At age 32, a single mother of one, I hadn’t graduated high school and hadn’t even looked at a textbook in over 15 years.  I didn’t know exactly what I would go back to school for, but I knew I had been squandering my creativity and aptitude for learning and acquiring expertise in something would eventually prove useful in the workplace of the modern world.  The next day, I checked out a GED book from the library and began studying math. After a few months, I passed the GED test. Now, a year and a half later, I have been steadfast on the path to graduating in something that I am passionate about and gaining meaningful employment to provide a better life for my son and I. Though at first passing the GED test was a surprise, I see now that it shouldn’t have been.  Academically speaking, I have what it takes to make it.  Every day I am improving, refining my time management skills between raising my son, working to support my small family, and excelling in my classes.

In discovering the value in my strength:a liking for working with people, creating, hatching ideas and ways to present them to the world, I realized that marketing would be the career where I could blossom as a human being and contribute to my community.  My highest career goal is to become executive marketing manager of a sustainable company who gives back to the community in the way of ecological friendly and sustainable products available to the community at affordable prices.  A company that will benefit from my creativity and ability to understand people and their needs.

Thank you for your support!