Growing Lemongrass From Stalk : Transplant from Ground to Pots


So I am kind of obsessed with my garden and since the recent 2020 crap I have had more time to put into it! I was crazy worried to transplant my lemongrass from the ground to pots because I am moving soon and want to take all my plants of course! It turns out growing lemongrass from stalk is super easy!

I just dug up the root ball with as much roots in tact as possible, cut it into the sections I wanted again making sure that whatever part I cut had roots in tact along with the stalk and I planted it in my favorite potting soil mix that I mix myself (explained later).

Even the ones I did before reading anything grew! Those ones I just cut parts of the stalk off the big plant buldge, making sure there were roots in tact and planted those. I put them in different sized pots, from 3 gallon, 7 gallon, and 10 gallon! They all grew, now I have like five pots of lemon grass!

Dirt Mix / Soil Mix for Growing Lemongrass from Stalks

Free Dirt
  • I always start by digging up and breaking up dirt from my yard. It is free, and it’s a great work out without realizing it! I use a shovel , regular size hoe and a small double sided gardening hoe. (I have the amazon links of all my favorite gardening things.)

soil conditioning compost
  • Then I mix it with conditioning compost that I get locally here in Hawaii – Menehune conditioning compost – This because of the weight I suggest getting locally – it’s just compost / worm casings and comes in big inexpensive bags – I will link the stuff I use in case your in Hawaii as well – You can also get it at City Mill –


  • I mix in Perlite – whichever one I can find but I prefer the thick stuff

coco peat - great deal
  • Coco Peat. I actually break up and mix in the coco peat dry, though the packages always say to wet it and let it expand.

plant food for growing lemongrass from stalk
  • Last but not least I mix in Plant Food – which is just a mixture of nitrogen, phosphate and soluble potash. I use Jobes Organics because it’s what I can find in my town and I am impatient! There are way better deals on Amazon, including the same one I use!

Feel free to leave comments – tell me how your growing lemongrass from stalk! 🙂

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