Copper Tape on Amazon

Best Deal on Amazon : $69.95 for 165 feet (55 yards)
$11.99 for 22 feet (Apx. 7 yards)

Copper Tape Actually Works!! It is fairly inexpensive (between $0.55 and $0.42 per foot) and keeps slugs from eating your plants. It’s also super easy to use, just tape it around your pot, garden bed or anywhere as barrier around your plants will work.

I was having a crazy hard time with slugs in my garden and not only are slugs annoying af! They can also kill you? At least in Hawaii they cause get rat lung worm disease with their slug slime on our plants. So needless to say slug juice on your lettuce or tomatoes (also their favorites!) is not good.

So, I tried all the classic Natural / Organic ways you can find on the interwebs:

Quick How to Get Rid of Slugs List

  • “Beer Traps” – Putting beer in a little bowl or jar burried so the lid is ground level – DID NOT WORK
  • Iron Phosphate Pellet Bates – Little white pellets for organic gardeing that you sprinkle around the plants – slugs eat them and die – DID NOT WORK
  • Coffee Grounds – Sprinkling used coffee grounds around your plants because supposedly slugs don’t like them – DID NOT WORK long term, it requires daily sprinkling of used coffee grounds (I drink about a liter of coffee a day and could not come close to having enough for more than a few plants – I actually did save ONE plant by DAILY putting coffee my grounds around plant though it is still not efficient whatsoever if you have more than one plant – maybe during these 2020 times we have lots of extra time, but it can deffinately be spent more wisely than putting coffee grounds daily around plants
  • Egg Shells – breaking egg shells and spreading them around your garden – ALSO DID NOT WORK – slugs may be stupid (and oh so agrovating) but they can just slime around the egg shells and again not efficient if you have more than one plant.
  • Copper Wire – this one was kind of silly of me – I spent a bunch of time braiding this copper wire (while I waited for my Copper Tape to arrive) and it also did not work simply because the reaction that copper causes with slug juice doesn’t bother them enough I guess if it’s not wide enough the barrier. So copper wire very inefficient
  • Copper Tape – my angel!!!! This has kept safe EVERY plant I put it around!!! Every SINGLE plant I have put it around. I now eat my lettuce!!! IT WORKS!! It is also much simpler and less time consuming – you just tape it around your pots, plant beds, or whatever. Get creative! Slugs and snails DO NOT like copper tape! *I do use the 3 inch stuff to make sure even the warrior slugs won’t pass over it! (As far as I know there is not such thing as warrior slugs;)
  • Slug SlayingOh this works. You “set traps” or turn over rocks and sift through dead leaves , then you kill those little #*%$ers! Though this seems like it would be an easy task , if you don’t want to smash them you will have to use salt in my experience as no other thing will kill them – Side note*I do respect nature and living things – however this is a kill or be killed situation! Those little guys in my food could actually kill me – gotta do what you gotta do.

Copper Tape Advantages

copper tape around base of fabric pot with tomato sprouts
Happy Little Tomato Seedlings
  • Repels slugs and snails
  • SO easy to use
  • Long lasting
  • Safe around pets
  • Non-toxic
  • Natural
  • Pretty
  • Fairly inexpensive (long run inexpensive)
  • Works with fabric grow bags

How to use it

  • Measure it – Before taking off the backing wrap it around the pot (If your putting it around a large area, skip this step)
  • Rip it slightly longer than needed so it overlaps (ensure there are not gaps where those little sluggers can get through)
  • Peel back the backing a few inches and stick to the pot
  • With one hand pull the backing and the other pull it tight so it lays flat around your pot
  • Then – Your done! 😉

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