To dryer or not to dryer, that is the question.

As a single mother, it’s often hard to find the time or muster up the energy to rinse my fancy period proof underwear.   Let alone wash them on a special light cycle and hang dry them.  And WAIT!  Wait for them to dry so they can be worn to work.  Ha ha!  No no no , we don’t have time for that?

So when looking into these period proof underwear THINX and the special care they need I bet your asking yourself: “Can I put THINX in the dryer?”  Well of course THINX has to tell you know.  And it’s likely best NOT to put them in the dryer.  

The Lace did come off of just this pair after two years use and abuse

I Put THINX in the Dryer

Yes I do! I put my THINX in the dryer.  I’ve had mine for a little over two years now. And even though I don’t care for mine very well they still work marvelously!  

They are honestly the most wonderful thing to happen to my menstruation since it started.  Out of all the things I could use, these….oh yes these!  These period proof undies take the cake my friends!

Well What are THINX?

Thinx are “period proof” underwear. Panties meant to either replace or accompany tampons, menstrual cups, pads, or whatever other blood catching device you use.  Normal underwear that have a “built in pad” so to speak between the outer layer and the inside lining. This pad is made of a few different fabrics that hold the blood, trap in the smell AND keep you relatively dry.

Do they really work?

Why YES!  Yes they do!

I probably should say “as long as” you follow the instructions here, but I’m going to say “EVEN IF YOU DON’T” follow the instructions.  THEY DO WORK BEAUTIFULLY!  And much to my delight, as they have made my menstrual cycle and my life in general easier, more comfortable, and less worrisome.

There is nothing like the feeling of tranquility knowing that you can just bleed and bleed and you won’t stain your friends fancy white couch, the chair at the office, or the car seat of the uber your in.

As long as I change them before they are filled to the brim with blood, I’ve never had a leak. Even when I HAVE let them fill to the brim, they’ve actually only overflowed once and that’s because I was wearing the wrong pair for my heavy flow day. They are about two years old and I don’t take care of them the way I am supposed to.

They only smell when you have them off your bum and in your face (which why would they be there?). And they are VERY cost effective considering the amount of stress they save you, the amount of money they save you, as your not buying tampons or pads.  Plus they’re eco friendly.

Where to buy THINX

THINX BTWN Teen Period Underwear - Fresh Start Period Kit for Teen Girls
Amazon Link for THINX

Thinx Care Instructions:

  1. Rinse them in cold water to get most of the blood out.
  2. Wash them in the washing machine on light cycle.
  3. Line/Hang dry them. BOOM! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I however have not done these things as instructed.

My method A:

  1. Hand wash in the sink using Dr.Bronners soap
  2. Scrub them against themselves maybe a bit harshly
  3. Ring and rinse repeatedly
  4. Maybe scrub again
  5. Rinse and ring until the water runs clear
  6. Hang dry

My Method B:

  1. Wash in washing machine on normal or heavy cycle in hot water (no rinsy)
  2. Dry on hot for 45 minutes.  

The latter method has honestly become the only method in the passed maybe…..12 months.  

How long do THINX last?

At least two years.  You can read more by clicking this heading.

So is it the best idea to put your fancy period panties in the dryer?  Maybe not.  But can you?  Yes you certainly can.

*Update – So THINX has changed since I bought my first undies five years ago. Though the quality has decreased I still put mine in the dryer and they are going, not as strong my originals but still worth it.

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2 thoughts on “THINX IN DRYER

  1. Staci

    Ahhhh thank you! I just pulled mine out of the dryer after forgetting to hang them up. I was terrified I had ruined them. I’m so glad to have found this post!!!

    1. Danielle

      This is funny to me because I’ve ALWAYS wash them & throw them in the dryer with my regular clothes, I didn’t read anything so I never knew we weren’t suppose to & they work excellent! I Love My Thinx underwear I even got them for my teen daughter.

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