As a budding young woman I liked to think of myself as a rebel and wanted to bleed rebeliously!  I wanted to be ecological and new age and stop using tampons and pads.

I tried everything from tying strings to a bath towel and wearing it as some kind of underwear, sea sponges, folded rags in my panties, to just bleeding all over the place.  All were messy messes that I was quite tired of. Eventually i decided to try these new “menstrual cup” thingies I’d been hearing so much about.  So I looked for the best menstrual cup for me

What IS a menstrual cup?

A menstruation cup is a small silicone cup that you put in your Vagina to catch and hold blood during your period.

How long can menstruation cups be left in?

It works for up to 12 hours, depending on how heavy your flow is.

How to insert menstrual cup

  • Hold it in your hand
  • Fold it in half , then in half again (quarters)
  • Insert it while squatting or with one leg raised
  • Let go of the folds
  • Gently turn until it fees comfortable / in place
  • Go about your business
  • (Guide with Pictures)

Benefits of using a menstrual cup

Less Trash!

You will be making a lot less trash because they are reusable and last up to ten years.   Using menstrual cups or period undies in place of disposable tampons and pads is thus an easy and inexpensive way “be the change you want to see in the world”.

More freedom!

You won’t have to decline going surfing or swimming anymore since you can use your menstrual cup in the water!   You can bleed easy doing all the things you love all day since you won’t have to change your tampon.  No more leaving bloody tampons / pads in public restrooms or your friends house.  Pair your menstrual cup with period proof undies and then you are virtually full proof ready to go all day with zero worry!

Way Less Chance for Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

Toxic shock syndrome is highly unlikely. Literally only ONE (1) case has actually been confirmed due to a menstruation cup, while many cases have been reported due to tampons.

Choosing A Size….

You know You Best.

Consider what the box says AND your intuition.  You know your body best.  They can honestly be a little uncomfortable on super crampy days and just in general.  It’s like when people say wax doesn’t hurt.  It’s a foreign object nestled against the walls of your vagina, how comfortable can it actually be?

That being said, the freedom it allows women to have these options means alot more than just what’s on the surface.  Menstrual sanitation is a big part of why women were able to gain independence for example.  So even though your a little uncomfortable, at least your able to work and kill it out there in the world without bleeding all over the place.


When I bought mine many years ago, I happened upon a store that had only the DIVA cup so it made choosing a brand easier for sure!  But what size?  That was the question.

I stood in the store for about an hour looking at and reading the two boxes.  The big one or the small one? And against my better judgement I bought the big one because that’s the one they recomend for mothers.  Now after having used it and knowing a little more about it I would have chosen the smaller one as I am a small person and I think it would be more comfortable.

Hunting Around

So, which IS the Best Menstrual Cup For ME?

Where To Get Them

Most “Health Food Stores” carry one or another.  Even in a small town in Mexico I’ve found them.  For a  bigger better choice and more price options, online is your best bet.

You can click here for Amazon’s plethora of options.

Choices, Choices

Beaver Damn
4.3 *Stars out of 5 on Amazon………  APX $12 USD (w/bag)

The Beaver Damn!    I chose this one not only because the price is outstanding (apx $12 USD) and the reviews are very convincing, but because this has to be the most clever and fun product name I have ever seen!  The box in the picture reads “Bloody beaver at it again? Dammit! With the Beaver Dam!”  I’m rolling with laughter shopping for a menstrual cup!?! If you are clever enough to come up with such a hilarious slogan, you must be clever enough to make a quality product.  I am overly excited for this to arrive!  I will be giving my review of it as soon as I can use it.  Though I mostly use mine as an alternative to tampons for swimming, diving, surfing, etc.  Also, I went with my gut this time and got the small one. 

Update* ok so as clever as they are, this cup unfortunately is not as good as the diva cup.  It’s not as rigid as the diva cup which makes it more comfortable but it doesn’t actually hold it’s shape and thus doesn’t hold blood very well.  So I give this one a 3, mostly just for cleverness and price.  I wouldn’t buy this one again, though I could just do too many geegal exercises and my muscles squeezes it too much?

4.3 *Stars out of 5 on Amazon……… APX $24 USD (w/bag)

The Diva Cup mind you has worked great for me.  I have had if for a number of years now and it works, though I do believe a smaller one would work better for me.  It’s quite a bit more expensive (apx $30 USD), actually $40 when I bought mine, but has stood the test of time.  I’ve traveled thousands of kilometers with it, through various climates, had it in all kinds of nooks and crannies and it still works wonderfully.

Update* After trying another cup, I would say pay a little extra and get the diva cup.  It’s ones of the oldest, trusted and tested.  It works.  End of story.

Lena Cup
4.4 *Stars out of 5 on Amazon………  APX $25 USD (w/bag)

Lena Cup has a special “bell” shape and not only size options but also a “sensitive” cup option made of a softer silicone, making this the choice for you if you have a more sensitive vag.  They have a two pack so you can switch between sizes during your flow.   Lena Cup seems the most legit as far as quality of product goes also making them one of the most expensive at about $25 USD.  If you are more sensitive spending a little more might be worth it.

Saalt Cup
4.4 *Stars out of 5 on Amazon……..  APX $27 USD (w/bag)

Saalt Cups have a “bulb” shape and claim to balance PH.  They partner with charities to provide women in need with period care as well making them a good company to support.  Menstruation sanitation is a literal life changer for women so if you can spend a little extra give these guys a try and help support other women.

Intimina Lily Cup
4.4 *Stars out of 5 on Amazon…… APX $17-$26 USD (w/case)

These are the most Sci-Fi!!!  They have collapsible ones that look like space ships with flat plastic carry cases.  Ones that look like tiny elongated bed pans to avoid spillage, a super crazy flat one called the ziggy cup, and a regular bulb shaped one.

4.4 *Stars out of 5 on Amazon……… APX $16 USD (w/bag)

These guys are the menstrual cup SIZE masters, since they have 5 different sizes from PIXIE SMALL to LUXE Large!  Also a variety of colors, though the color depends upon the size.   They are a family owned company and give one cup to a woman in need for every one they sell.  They also claim to be ranked the “most comfortable menstrual cup”!

 4.4 *Stars out of 5 on Amazon………  APX $13-$18 USD (?bag?)

These ones come in a bunch of different colors, even black if you choose things based on color.  This is Amazon’s “choice” of the moment and have pretty good reviews.  It is unclear whether or not they come with the classic little baggy.


3.7 *Stars out of 5 on Amazon……… APX $40 USD (w/egg)

Well look who decided to jump on the band wagon!!!  And sheesh I guess they are selling the Tampax name here because doesn’t look like anything special.  Very few reviews, and very mixed.  Seems like a thing that people are ordering the “starting kid”  and only recieving the one cup, and complaints about too much packaging.

Dutchess Cup
4.2 *Stars out of 5 on Amazon…….. APX $15 USD for 2 cups (w/bag)

This is the least expensive one you can find on Amazon.  Mostly good reviews.  Comes in a box of two of the same size.  Not much to report on this one.  It’s funny though, they write “DON’T BE FOOLED by cheap imitation cups”.   Haha!  It’s hard to believe there could be a cheaper one.

Luna Cup Menstrual Set
4.5 *Stars out of 5 on Amazon………  APX $18 USD for 2 cups (w/bag)

The Luna Cup Menstrual Set also solves the problem of not knowing what size to get because it comes as a set of two sizes! There is a review on Amazon saying this isn’t the actual “Luna Cup” brand which is the only one made in Mexico.  Most reviews are good. If your unsure of what size to get and don’t have bunch of money to burn, this is a pretty good deal. The set is apx $18 USD and comes with two fancy pants bags.

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