Some years ago, when I was thinking about buying these “period underwear” I’d been hearing so much about, one of my biggest concerns was how long do thinx last? And was it really worth spending so much money on a single pair of underwear? 

I did some google hunting and made the decision to go ahead and get some.  I’ve had mine for over FOUR years now and they are still going strong-ish*.  So I can honestly say they last at least four years of once a month use and abuse, as I have used and washed mine (I bought three) each about 3 times per month. Even though I don’t care for mine properly (THINX IN DRYER), they still have stood the test of time and proved to be even more worth it than I could have ever imagined.

UPDATE* May 2020

I got the new ones about a year ago after the company changed its management and I’m sorry to say the quality isn’t what it used to be. The lace just isn’t the same and the bigger ones I don’t trust as much as my old ones to hold blood as they did leak on me. I still do use them I am just careful on my heavy days to have back up plan like a menstrual cup or something. I do also still put my new ones in the dryer and they hold up pretty well, again not as good as they used to. The lace of the old ones was AMAZING:

old THINX thong lace
My Old Thong Lace
These are FOUR years old!!!
Newer THINX thong lace
Newer Thong Lace
Not as impressive but still good.
Newer THINX cotton thong strap
Newer Regular Cotton Thong

What are thinx?


Thinx are “period proof” underwear. Panties meant to either replace or accompany tampons, menstrual cups, pads, or whatever other blood catching device you use.  Normal underwear that have a “built in pad” so to speak between the outer layer and the inside lining. This pad is made of a few different fabrics that hold the blood, trap in the smell AND keep you relatively dry.

They Comfy?

Thinx ARE so comfortable!  They actually feel just like normal undies.  Not any more bulky or funky.


I consider them sexy depending on the model you choose.  The thongs look exactly like a normal thong. Super sexy – can’t even tell they are period panties.  The cheeky ones super comfy and sexy.  The other ones I got, well they hold alot of blood.   

New Lace THINX thong after about one year
Newer Lace Thong
Old Cheeky THINX after about 4 years
My Favorite Old Cheeky
Newer cotton THINX thong after one year
Newer Cotton Thong

Where to buy them

THINX BTWN Teen Period Underwear - Fresh Start Period Kit for Teen Girls
They have pretty great deal on Amazon right now $59 bucks for three pair
This is the link to my favorite Newer Ones on their website
They have pretty good deals on ebay as well

Where’s my money going?

They are a seemingly “good” company, helping women in Uganda have reusable pads for example. There is a little controversy about the creator and founder of the company being “too open” or “too taboo”.

I would rather give my money to someone who is providing a superior product, helping people AND a little rebellious or mouthy than giving it to big enormous corporations that don’t help anyone but themselves. I also personally support body positive thought, being able to talk about menstrual cycles openly, educating women, so on and so forth; thus for me this is a great company to support.

Do thinx really work?

Absolutely Yes They DO!

I probably should say “as long as” you follow the instructions here, but I’m going to say “EVEN IF YOU DON’T” follow the instructions.  THEY DO WORK MARVELOUSLY!  And much to my delight, as they have made my menstrual cycle and my life in general easier, more comfortable, and less worrisome.

There is nothing like the feeling of tranquility knowing that you can just bleed and bleed and you won’t stain your friends fancy white couch, the chair at the office, or the car seat of the uber your in.

As long as I change them before they are filled to the brim with blood, I’ve never had a leaks. Even when I HAVE let them fill to the brim, they’ve actually only overflowed once and that’s because I was wearing the wrong pair for my heavy flow day. They are about two years old and I don’t take care of them the way I am supposed to.

They only smell when you have them off your bum and in your face (which why would they be there?). And they are VERY cost effective considering the amount of stress they save you, the amount of money they save you, as your not buying tampons or pads.  Plus they’re eco friendly.

Thinx Care

The care of THINX is actually quite simple (as per actual THINX instructions)

Thinx Care Instructions:

  1. Rinse them in cold water to get most of the blood out.
  2. Wash them in the washing machine on light cycle.
  3. Line/Hang dry them. BOOM! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I however have not done these things as instructed.

My method A:

  1. Hand wash in the sink using Dr.Bronners soap
  2. Scrub them against themselves maybe a bit harshly
  3. Ring and rinse repeatedly
  4. Maybe scrub again
  5. Rinse and ring until the water runs clear
  6. Hang dry

My Method B:

  1. Wash in washing machine on normal or heavy cycle in hot water (no rinsy)
  2. Dry on hot for 45 minutes.

While I don’t recommend my methods to care for YOUR THINX, you can clearly see that they are very hardy and ready for the wearing and tearing. Even if the special care for them seems a bit much for your lifestyle, they are still worth getting.

I did buy them directly from their site and they arrived in a timely manner exactly as they had advertised with no funny business whatsoever regarding payment or anything like that.

Usual Use and Abuse

In My Bag

I scrunch them up and throw them in my bag when I think I am going to start my cycle soon. Sometimes I’m off and they may spend up to a week rolling around in my backpack with sand, wet bathing suite, work clothes, etc.

So it begins

When I start my cycle, I throw on my cheeky pair, because first day isn’t as heavy for me. I ride my bike, work 8-9 hour shifts walking around up and down stairs, I hike, sleep, or whatever I normally do.


After about 8-12 hours I wash them by hand (not as instructions say) in the sink with Dr.Bronners soap by rubbing them against themselves, rinsing and ringing them quite a few times (probably wears them out and not the best idea).  Then I hang them to dry, shower and put on usually my heavy flow ones and most likely sleep.


When I wake in the morning for work, take my son to school, or whatever I might be doing that day I wash the heavy pair same style and put on the cheeky ones I washed the night before (hopefully they are all the way dry (sometimes they are not completely dry and I wear them anyways)).  When I come home from work or where ever I went that day I switch and wash them again. Maybe this time put on the thong that doesn’t hold very much blood.


If at any point in all of that I was too tired (or lazy) to wash them by hand I will now have three dirty pairs and need to go somewhere like work probably the next morning or sooner and they won’t dry in time, so I throw them in the washing machine on heavy cycle with all my other clothes (without rinsing them first as they instruct).  Then straight into the dryer they go (they say not to put them in the dryer).

I then have three clean pairs and proceed as before, usually though after one laundry cycle (I use a coin laundry machine) I will be more on it washing after use because I don’t want to spend more money on laundry.

No Swimming

The only thing I don’t do in them is go swimming because well that would be silly, probably end up with saggy diaper like panties.

(need swimming options too?)

Moral of my story:

At Least TWO YEARS – written 2018*

I really go hard on mine and they still work great after about two years. I’m just now starting to think about getting some more (I won’t stop using the ones I have until they literally fall apart, well more then the ones already have).

I used to use the cheeky ones (for medium amounts of blood) for heavy flow and honestly had maybe ONE time they leaked. The next ones I’d like to say I will take better care of ,but that’s probably not true.

We single mama’s (or maybe just me) are too busy running around getting shi* done to stop and take really great care of our underwear and they STILL WORK!

Therefore I highly recommend them for all those who wish to make easier they period load, have more time for more important things while your on your period. Like binge watch Netflix and eating an entire box of chocolate (from Amazon).  I recommend them for those who wish to make less trash and contribute positively to something rad in the world. And for those who like bleeding freely without worry (make sure you have the right pair for your cycle)

THINX after TWO YEARS of use and abuse!
Older Low Rider without the Lace
After two years of abuse the lace came off, but rest of this pair remains intact and I continue to use them.
My Favorite Cheeky Ones
Older Thong
Older Thong
Older Thong


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