After a number of expensive, bad quality Brazilian waxes at a salon that made me more embarrassed than excited to take my clothes off , I finally asked myself “how can I easily and inexpensively wax my ‘hoo ha’ in the privacy and comfort of my own home?”

After some google hunting and numerous attempts I finally figured out the best way to do so.   Hard wax in a wax heater.  Simple as that.  So here you have how to give yourself a Brazilian wax with hard wax in 9 easy steps:

(1.)Clear a few hours of your schedule and find a private comfortable place. While you (2.)heat your wax, set up your area with a towel you can potentially ruin , a mirror, good lighting, etc.  (3.)Wipe pubic area with a warm towel. Touch the wax to your wrist to (4.)make sure it isn’t too hot.  Get into a (5.)position that allows you to see the area you are waxing and that you can hold for a few minutes comfortably.  (6.)Pull the skin tot, (7.)spread the wax over the hair(directions depends upon the wax) and (8.)rip it off quickly and confidently. Hesitation is a recipe for disaster. Repeat until you have desired amount of hair left, then (9.)bathe, exfoliate and moisturize.

This is the wax that I get:
This is the Wax that I get On Amazon

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What type of wax to use

There are two types of wax with some variations of the two.  Hard wax: without use of muslin strips and Soft wax: with muslin strips.

How to wax pubic area at home
Pubic Hair Style

Hot hard wax*****

Hard wax comes in the form of “wax beads” which are literally little beads that you melt and it is definitely and by far my first and now only choice for waxing my pubic area.


They can easily be heated on the stove in a glass jar in water , bano maria style (explained in greater detail) or in a wax heater. The wax heater ends up being a much easier and well worth the inexpensive investment.


It is extremely easy to clean up off of tile/metal stoves/stainless steel pot/ toilet seats/(carpet not so much) even if you make an unholy mess(like me the first few times I did it on the stove) with those steal scrubbies for scouring pans, thus making hard wax #1 for cleanliness!

Ease of Use

It is very easy to spread on and rip off and leaves lots of room for “error” as you can pinch the left- over pieces and pull off WITH hairs. It’s easy to make cute shapes with nice lines.


They are pretty inexpensive and you don’t need strips or anything, just rip off with your hands and throw away.  *You CAN re-melt and re-use the wax, however I have noticed this lowers the quality of hair removal.

No Pain No Game

It isn’t exactly “painless” like some adds claim, but it hurts very little compared to other methods of waxing. (And come on we’re women! We push babies out of our pubic area!!! We got this!)

Soft wax**

Soft Waxes pretty much always say on the box not to use on pubic area (I did).  It comes in in little plastic tuppers with screw on lids.


Soft wax can also be heated stove top in a pan bano maria style or in a wax melter.


Soft Wax is far too messy for me!

Normal soft wax is extremely difficult to clean off of floors, stoves, sinks, toilets and out of pots.  It also takes gobbs of some weird chemical thing they put in the box or cooking oil to get the spots you missed off your skin.  Also since it’s not as thick as hard wax, it is much easier to get all over the place, especially when doing hard to reach areas like the pubic area.

Natural sugar wax however are the easiest to clean of skin. They are easier than normal soft wax to clean off floor, stove, bathroom, etc, but not as easy as hard wax.

Ease of Use

You need muslin which you can clean and reuse if you have time and patience to clean each little tiny strip then set them to dry.  You can also use muslin style paper which can be a little more expensive.


Soft Wax tends to be a little more expensive, especially the natural hot wax, which is my prefered soft wax as it is much easier clean up due to its main ingredient being sugar.

More Pain Less Gain

It hurts the most out of all the waxes in pubic area.  It also takes the longest which makes it technically more painful because the pain lasts longer.

Soft wax strips**

By far, wax strips are the worst kind of wax for pubic area.   They come on ready made plastic strips (so minus the muslin) and also all say not to use on pubic area.


Easiest heating method of all the waxes because you simply rub between your hands, which is why the natural wax strips are my preferred wax for all other body parts.


Same as soft wax for cleaning, the normal one is extremely difficult. and the natural one is easy to get of skin and easier to get off floor and bathroom than other soft wax, but not as easy as hard wax.  They also mostly come in bigger strips, which if you cut them (you need to was pubic area in small patches) will get wax all over your hands while rubbing them.

Ease of Use

This style of soft wax is a little easier to use than soft wax with muslin as they are already made.  However, they are a little more difficult to use because if you are cost affective you get the big strips and cut them and it’s just messy and difficult.  Often the strips don’t catch the hair due to not being able to reach the spots and leave you sticky AND hairy.


A little on the expensive side for pubic area considering you A. Get the big ones and cut them. Thus using too many and them not functioning, which leaves them rather ineffective cost wise.  Or B.Buying the small ones which are much more expensive with the amount of actual wax your getting and them not working well.

Lots a Pain and no Gain

All around too rough for pubic area and are thus likely to leave you in pain, with bumps and even bleed a little.

Wax Strips DO work Great for other areas of the body such as legs!  (How to Coming Soon)

All in All

Hot hard wax and wax heater are the most precise, easiest, cleanest and quickest way with the least amount of pain for waxing pubic area at home.

Here’s some inexpensive wax beads on Amazon

How To Wax Pubic Area At Home

             (9 steps)

1. Pre-game and be patient with yourself

Make time.

Waxing is like any other thing you will need to practice in order to get good at. Thus making sure you have enough time (especially the first few times) is very important because we are dealing with a very sensitive and special area.

Clear at least a few hours of your schedule. I find that before bedtime is the best because there is nothing that will force me to rush.

Take your time.

Relax and try and pamper yourself as much as you can, with tea, chocolate, soothing music, incense, those scent air vapor thingys or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Set up your area:

Find a private and well lit place. Make sure you have all you will need/want to be as comfortable as possible and not have to get up in the middle of waxing and search for something out of the “safe zone”.

A Good Pube Waxing at Home Checklist

  • wax, wax melter, and waxing sticks
  • good sized (about 12’ x 12’) movable mirror
  • big mirror (to sit in front of/clamp lamp on for extra direct light)
  • old towel to sit on that’s ok to ruin (& old shower curtain to put down if you have carpet , etc…)
  • soothing tea (I drink before hand to relax)
  • lamp (I use a clampy one that i can move around as i move)
  • tweezers for stragglers (don’t waste a bunch of wax on ONE hair)
  • relaxing music
  • PMA (positive mental attitude(ex:“I got this!!!”;))
  • coconut oil (to clean off/moisturize skin after words)
  • sugar to exfoliate after waxing
  • stainless steel scrubbies (for clean up after words if you have tile or around stove if you heat on the stove)
  • trash can to discard used wax
  • water (always drink water!)

*Set up your area while your wax is heating to avoid sitting around waiting for wax to heat, it takes about 10 or 15 minutes.

Here’s a link for some inexpensive wax beads on Amazon

2. Make it Hott! (You’ve got options!)

Wax Heating Options:

Wax Melter

With the wax melter you just pour in the wax beads or pop in soft wax tupper, melt it, and leave on med to med/high for waxing. This is most desirable as you are able to keep the temperature consistent to avoid burning or difficulty spreading. Wax Heaters also allow you to wax in a more comfortable spot.


It is fairly inexpensive (around $30 bucks on Amazon) and extremely cost effective in the long run considering all the time you will be saving and pots you won’t be ruining.


I have been waxing my own junk for years now with all different kinds of wax methods and honestly it is a million times easier, cleaner, and more convenient to just get a wax heater.  I know this because I am extremely cheap and have been heating my wax on the stove until recently.  My wax heater has honestly revolutionized my  Brazilian waxing and I HIGHLY recommend it!

Heating on the stove

How To “Baño Maria”

Simply: Put wax in a glass jar or the microwavable plastic it came in(soft wax only) in pan about half full of water (you don’t want wax to float, it should sit at the bottom of the pan and be about halfway submersed in the water) and boil the water until melted then turn stove to lowish and try to keep wax temp consistent(very difficult).


Very cheap!  And cheap, not inexpensive, because your getting what you pay for.  Your literally only saving money here, not time or aggravation.

Can be great for your first time if your not sure your going to keep on waxing at home. Pretty much any type of wax can either be put directly into boiling water in a stainless steel pan if it’s in a plastic that can be microwaved or in a glass jar(that can be discarded after words).


This method is a lot messier and less comfortable because you have to wax on or around the stove. This makes it difficult to keep the heat consistent which often leads to burning or not being able to spread (because it’s too cold and believe it or not , this also hurts).

3.  Clean and Dry the Area

Just clean the area with a hot/warm wet cloth.  The heat will open up your pores a little allowing the hair to rip out a tiny bit easier, which will in turn hurt a little less.  Make sure it is dry because wax will not stick if the area is wet.  This is true no matter what wax you use.

4.  Wrist Test!

Absolutely Crucial yet simple step.  Test the heat of your wax by dabbing a small amount on the inside of your wrist.

If it is too hot you will burn yourself and if it is too cold it won’t spread correctly.  Either way is extra needlessly painful!

5.Get Comfy (Not literally!)

Find:                                                                                                                                                                                            A position that is easy to get in and out of.

Your going to be moving around a lot reaching different areas so find positions that you can get into and out of easily.

A position that allows you easiest access to your hard to reach areas.

Try and feel what directions the hairs are growing.  Because pubic areas tend to have kind of sporatic hair growth, knowing ahead of time makes it a little easier.  Make sure you can reach with BOTH hands because you will need to use both.  Practice pulling your skin tot and ripping motions to see which positions you can easily do this.

A position that you can hold for a few minutes at a time.

If your using hard wax beads you will need to hold a position for a minute or so while the wax hardens. So make sure your not going to get a crick in your neck or a charlie horse in your side staying a difficult position as this will hinder your ability to effectively remove all of your hairs.

6 Example Positions:


Sit on your knees with your legs slightly spread for the “bush” part of your pubic area.  This position is very easy and comfortable.

2.Lying on side with leg extended upward

3.”Lotus” position

Sit with the souls of your feet together, like doing the “butterfly”.

4.Sitting on short stool with legs spread wide or lifting one.

5.Sitting on the ground with one leg bent and one extended.

6.Squatting in front of mirror

6.Stretch it!

Pull or stretch the area you are going to wax so that the skin is “tot” or flat.

Skin around the pubic area tends to be a little looser than other areas of the body and very sensitive. Which is why the pubic area is more painful than other areas of the body.  Your going to want to make the skin tot and be able to put the wax on AND rip it off.  You only have two hands so again do a mock pull, spread, rip and make sure you got it before spreading the wax on.

7.Bread and Butter (Spreading the Wax)

Spread on the wax smoothly like spreading butter or jam on toast so to speak.   Nice, even, and thick/thin enough to grab the hairs (AND stick to the muslin if using soft wax).

Spreading and Ripping Directions

Hard wax: Spread against the direction hair is growing and rip with the direction hair is growing.

Let sit a minute or so before ripping/pulling it off.  It shouldn’t stick to your hand when you touch it.  Don’t let it sit too long and harden, as it will end up like plastic and have to be chipped off and often doesn’t get the hair off.

Soft wax: spread with the direction hair is growing and rip against.

Spread on the wax and cover with the muslin and rub it.  Make sure it is flat and that the muslin completely covers the wax so that get it all over your hands, because again, it is quite a sticky mess if you do.

8.Rip it, Rip It Good!

Grab the end of either the muslin or hard wax and quickly pull it off in the direction mentioned in step 7.  Pull it as close to your skin as possible, kind of dragging your knuckles accross your skin.

*Rip BOTH off as close to skin as possible.

*Pull quickly and confidently as you don’t want to be left with gobs of hair, wax and blood. “The only way to get wax off after you’ve spread it on is by RIPPING IT OFF” you can not take it off gently. Again don’t think too much, you got this!

*Go ahead and pull stragglers with tweezers as it is not worth wasting a big gob of wax on one measly hair.

9.  Exfoliating and Moisturizing

Afterwards bathe and lightly scrub the area gently with a scrubby or sugar and coconut oil. As this will exfoliate and moisturize naturally at the same time.  The point of doing the coconut oil in the shower is to leave you moisturized but not oily.

Here’s a link to some great wax beads on AMAZON:  WAX!!!

And VOILA! Nice little pubic tuft just the way you wanted it, without spending too much or being embarrassed in a salon!

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