My Favorite and only “commonsense guide to herbal remedies, nutrition and health”

I don’t usually do book reviews, but I feel like this book has become an important part of my life as a mother. It’s the only guide I have , or feel I need for my child’s health, which is why I believe it is of the best baby books for expectant parents. It contains most of the information I have ever needed and has proven accurate and useful every single time I have reached for it and to it I owe almost all of my basic knowledge of herbal remedies and how to care for my son.


Aviva Jill Romm, a physician who previously practiced as a home-birth midwife and herbalist for 20 years. She was the president of the American Herbalist Guild at the time she wrote the book.

The book is to share information on how to prevent and treat common ailments of our children at home with commonsense. In it she lays out health in general and how to check for overall health; various ailments and illnesses, how and with what to effectively prevent and treat them, and when to go to the doctor.

It contains almost all the information you will ever need on home remedies for your children.  It’s to be read in its entirety and then used as a reference when specific ailments arise.

My experience with this book

I received it as a gift from my father when my son was maybe a month old and I had been suffering greatly from thrush, a type of yeast infection (Candida) common in newborn infants and their mothers. Candida is naturally occurring in our bodies, but in babies bodies sometimes can produce more than normal and can cause an infection in their mouths which is then transferred to the mothers nipples.

My mother in law, and virtually all the other mothers I spoke with told me that the intense pain I was feeling (even in my back) was normal and that I should keep the area moist. Absolutely the worst thing to do for thrush is keep it moist, as with most yeasts, it thrives in moist dark areas.

It got to the point where my son was spitting up blood from my nipples which had holes the size of a lentil in each one. Finally I decided to trust my instincts rather than what other people were telling me and i went to the doctor.

He informed me that yes, it was in fact thrush and gave me some antibiotic injection and swab for my sons mouth. Desperate from the pain I took them and just like keeping the area moist it did not work and the pain continued.

The book arrived just around that time from Amazon all the way to Mexico where I was living. It said to use vinegar. Vinegar!?!?!? Yes, something as simple, readily available and inexpensive as vinegar.  Within a week the thrush cleared up completely in both of us.

Thank you Aviva! Ever since, I have trusted in and used this book for virtually every ailment you could think of in my child, myself, and others in my life. It’s been eight years now!

Where’s that herb?!

Though Aviva does share her opinion on some matters and there are some very controversial subjects in the book, there is no offensive content to any person regardless of religion, race, economic status, etc.  Things like use of vaccinations and diagnosis of ADHD could slightly offend some.

The only thing I don’t like about this book in fact is that there is no real herb section, while there are pages on herbs, they are scattered randomly throughout the book making it difficult when I find myself wanting to just read about one specific herb. Perhaps it’s meant to be coupled with a book of herbs?

The who is you!

Everything else about this book I absolutely love! And I am not one to use the word lightly.  I don’t say things like “Oh, I LOVE that lipstick” for example. I actually LOVE this book and find its contents to be realistically beneficial and life changing in the best of ways.

I particularly like that while she is an herbalist and midwife she is also an MD so it makes it really easy to trust in what she says.   In my opinion, all bases are covered.

She explains in great detail and easy to understand manner how, what, where and why to use herbs and take charge of your own health.

It’s empowering for all parents from all walks of life to know how to identify and heal our children ourselves!   Also when it’s really necessary to take them to the doctor.

From the Book

“Learning basic health skills that enable us to feel well and truly love who we are should be as important as learning to read. We must learn to eat well, exercise, relax, and live in good relationship to one another. Health may take on transpersonal meaning as we commit to ensuring it for all humanity. In this aspect, health may mean giving and sharing so that all can have enough. As a culture this means ensuring decent housing, meaningful work and high-quality foods for all of our members. The freedom to enjoy life is the heart of health. Without hope for the future, the human organism has no need to maintain vitality and, therefore, health.”

From acne to whooping-cough this guide has virtually everything you need to know about your child’s ailments and how to heal them naturally at home and when to go to the doctor.

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