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Why trust a single mother you ask?

Single mothers are people that when they accomplish something great, or even mediocre, you think to yourself “how the …. did she accomplish that?” That’s what I’m doing here with this blog. I’m telling you how I did, or how I am doing it rather. Achievement isn’t something that ends or is finished when you accomplish your goals and objectives. True achievement is the ability to keep learning and keep improving whatever that means for each individual person. At least that’s how I see it.

Even with help from the government it takes great will power to better your situation if you don’t have a good education and proof that you know how to stuff.  Here in Hawaii even getting a serving job can be difficult.  So single mothers who are killing are great sources for DIY, budget life hack,etc.

I am currently making economic , psychological, academic and inter relational progress in my life and thus feel confident in sharing.  I created this blog/zine/whatever to share useful life tips with a dash of humor from how to get rid of slugs in the garden to how to wax yourself at home. Buying things on Amazon through the links on my articles helps me maintain this humble life I have created for my son and we greatly appreciate your patronage!

I never post anything that I have not personally tried and tested!  Though it would be great to make some money off this site – it is free for all.  The point is to help through sharing knowledge, both anecdotal and researched.

Thank You!